NuWave Chicken

So in my kitchen it is all about simplicity and speed. Because of this, my two most used tools are my NuWave oven and my Instant Pot. If you’ve never heard of a NuWave oven, you really need to check them out because they are AMAZING. I’ve had mine about three years now and I would be completely lost without it. This is the one I have and it is simply amazing.

Probably my favorite thing to cook in my NuWave is chicken. The NuWave doesn’t dry out the chicken and it comes out with the best flavor. You can even cook chicken from frozen which is great for those last minute meals. The entire thing takes about 25 minutes and only calls for TWO INGREDIENTS! I do this a lot for salads or to use during my mini bone broth fast.



  1.  Place four breasts in the NuWave oven and sprinkle salt on top 20180506_181055.jpg
  2. Set timer for 13 minutes (14 if froze) and let the oven work its magic. 20180506_181152.jpg
  3. Flip breasts and add a little more salt. Set timer for 11-13 minutes (12-14 for frozen) depending on the size of your chicken.
  4. THAT’S IT! Seriously it is that simple. Now your chicken is ready to eat! 20180506_190004.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed this super simple recipe. Let me know how your chicken turns out!


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